Villanueva del Pardillo Factory

The inhabitants of Villanueva del Pardillo complain about the smell emitted by the roasted beer factory located near this small town. It is not known if these materials release by the factory are harmful to our health, or even for the environment because it is not only the smell, but also the dust that expels, that tells a neighbor of Villanueva del Pardillo who woke up and saw her terrace full of strange particles. Although the city council says that only water vapor comes out of the pipe and that this factory has passed all the controls, the neighbors do not believe the same. The most worrying thing is that this smell and these particles reach an old people’s home and a school that is located right in the middle of the emissions. This factory has installed an odor filter but the residents do not notice improvement. Leaving aside the odors, which is what we are most concerned about, we focused on whether it could make the pollution worse, or whether something could be done to prevent. 

“Possible solutions for odor“ 

Taking into account these eighteen people, all people think that this unpleasant smell is harmful to health because it is an uncommon odor that smells very strange and as soon as we smell it we know what it is.

Depending on where each person lives, they either smell the odor frequently or hardly smell it at all. Some 61% says that the smell is no longer constant and that they don’t smell it as lot as the other 39% say that they smell this strange aroma frequently. Some solutions we propose are changing the location of the factory from next to the town and move it to another place where it cannot bother anyone, and where it does not harm health. If it is not possible to move it, they should look to see if the odor could be some component and they can remove it, or replace it with another one,… Also you can talk to the factory and establish schedules to reduce the odor. Pardillo-2-1927027326–20170803094958.html 

Autores: Irene Barajas, Iván Fernñandez, Eva Balsalobre, Andrea Azcona y Daniela Iduriaga

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abril 2024