Despite not being a recognized problem, graffitis also have a great impact to the environment, and the reason for this is that aerosols from sprays and the composition of the paintings create a significant environmental impact, because most of them include heavy metals like lead.

Graffiti located in Villanueva Del Pardillo 

Visual contamination produced by graffiti can also cause big problems like the attraction of vandalism, reduction in home and local values and causes a feeling of insecurity that makes this areas to be less circulated affecting in this way to shops and businesses. However, his withdrawal can also prove harmful for the environment due to high toxicity of graffiti remover liquids, non-biodegradable substances that seep down sumps and drains.

Villanueva del pardillo is a small village with few habitants, nevertheless, this problem is still present. This is why the councils of citizen security and environment have launched a campaign of vigilance and awareness in order to prevent the realization of graffiti and unauthorized paintings in buildings and furniture elements.

But… ¿how do graffitis pollute?. The paint used for Graffitis has aerosol sprays in most part of it’s composition. Aerosol sprays are one of the products that most gases emits to the atmosphere and pollutes the environment, it’s cans are pressurised liquid containers, which are not completely discharge during normal use, so they need a proper handling for its destruction. Aerosol sprays pollutes because they contain COV on its substances, this volatile organic compounds are very polluting, as soon as they are hit by sunlight they produce ozone gas in the lowest layer of the atmosphere.

Pollution by aerosols can affect us in many ways, radically changing the climate, increasing the earth’s temperature and the most worrying, aerosols can also cause a cooling on the planet in the lower layer of the atmosphere, being at elevated temperatures above it. In addition to this, aerosols damage the purity of the air by small dust particles that are emitted when being used, and this is hazardous for our health. In conclusion, graffitis are not good for our health, and even worse for our planet.

To find out how our town-hall is managing this problem, we have contacted with the Villanueva del Pardillo environment department in which they have told us about their campaign to end the proliferation of graffiti.

Publicity poster from the campaign against graffitis. 

In the first phase of this project they placed posters with artistic graffiti without text on the advertising media created by urban artists, with the idea of generating expectation. After a month, they put up posters where you could see the rear front of the building of the Cultural Center of the town (Tamara Rojo) covered by graffiti along with the previous photos of artistic graffiti, under the photo of urban graffiti it read: “this is urban art”, And under the photo of the graffiti in the Cultural Center said:» this is dirtying your municipality”. They are also contemplating the possibility of reinforcing the campaign through a contest or master’s degree so that citizens interested in urban art have adequate spaces for this type of artistic manifestation and can learn to make an adequate use of these products.

The Local Police also participate in this campaign, monitoring and preventing new graffiti from being made, in addition to the fact that a company in charge carries out the removal of graffiti from both public buildings and urban furniture.

The reason for this campaign it’s that the Department of the Environment considers that it is essential to promote the cleaning of spaces, «a municipality clean of waste and graffiti allows a clean, pleasant and sustainable environment, where the awareness of the inhabitants is essential ”. And it is that this problem is considered as important as depositing garbage outside the established points or not collecting canine excrement. Respecting public and private spaces to keep them clean from graffiti and vandalism is a priority issue for our municipality.

The campaigns proposed by the town hall, are a good way for stop the vandalism in the towns, and dispose of spray paint cans properly, but we founded another alternative to graffitis, Airlite painting. This painting, is good for the environment, because it helps to keep a healthy and clean air. This paint provides an air purifying effect, and has the same effect as tree leaves. It is a new and affordable system to combat urban pollution. It comes in an eco-painting format and is as effective as trees.

Graffiti located in Villanueva Del Pardillo 

It has an anti-pollution technology that cleans the air of harmful substances, eliminates viruses, bacteria, spores and mold. Makes the environment more hygienic and comfortable. This paint can be used anywhere to reduce pollutants, both indoors and outdoors. It also does not lose effectiveness over time, making it a great alternative to aerosols.


Autores: Ángela Sánchez, Carolina Monterrubio, Sílvia Zamarron, Aránzazu González y Mar Poblaciones. 4°ESO B Graffiti located in Villanueva Del Pardillo 

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