You are aware of the amount of paper that is spent in schools.

The consumption of paper in schools is very high considering that they are 9 months of school, we have searched and we have come to the conclusion that a student wastes more than 2 kg of paper throughout the course, knowing that for each class There are 23 students with 4 classes in each course and with more than 10 courses, this number rises to almost 2000 kg of waste paper in just 9 months.

This research has focused on the consumption of paper in our school, Colegio Vallmont, Statement of the problem and research:

This is a serious problem since we spend a lot of paper throughout the year, and this is a big problem for all the trees that are cut down, there are fewer and fewer trees and the best solution for that will be to ask how much paper is consumed to avoid making too much paper and having many more trees cut down.

As materials we are going to use an Excel, a sheet of paper and a pen to write down everything that they tell us in each class about the cost of paper.

The questionnaires will be done online: since it is easier for everyone, and there is less physical contact, questions will be asked such as how many sheets a student spends per day, how many sheets are thrown away from that class every day? Etc …

Surely it will be done in the form of forms since it is more comfortable for everyone, easier to do and also to answer, we will do it during some class or free time we will go through all the classes to do this small survey to get the results.

Questionnaire questions:

-How many sheets of paper do you use to spend per day per person?

-How many sheets of paper do you waste in the trash because it is dirty or for another reason?

-How many sheets do you usually waste when you throw away a finished notebook?

-How many balls to play do you make with the sheets of paper? -And to make paper airplanes?

-What is the subject where you spend the most paper


The results have been similar in all the classes, first we did it in our class where it came out that each student wastes a total of 2 sheets every day, so depending on the students you could see how much paper we spend.

The vast majority of classes spend a lot of paper doing nonsense, such as a ball to throw, play with or any other use that is not useful at all.

There are many people who waste paper because they do not like how the colors or the letters they have made as a title or that they are mistaken for the title…

Also in the question of the notebook we have realized that when there are less than 10 sheets in the notebook, people stop using them and buy a new one, so those 10 sheets have a lot of value.

There are also many sheets that are wasted in the exams, for example when a teacher distributes a dirty sheet that is finally not used and ends up in the trash, this usually happens in most exams with dirty sheets, and more than the half the class (almost everyone ends up throwing that paper away).


The solution is to stop doing all these absurd things about colors and try to occupy the maximum number of lines on each sheet, so by the end of the course many sheets will have been saved per student and per class.

That is the main way to save paper, we must also make people aware that even if they are bored it is not necessary to waste so many sheets to make paper balls or to make paper airplanes since it is a way in which we waste many sheets of paper a day among the whole school. 

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