Day 3. Wednesday, 18th March

Another day the sun rises at «El Guijo» camp.

Yesterday night we played a game that we really enjoyed. We were divided into three groups and each team had a colour sign: red, green and blue. Red team had to catch blue team, blue team had to catch green team and green team had to catch red team. When we were caught, another member of our team could save us… We ran a lot and we laughed too.

We have slept more than yesterday and after breakfast, we have received a special visit from the school. Jaime came here to see us and ask about our adventure.

In the morning, we have done orientation with compasses and we learnt a lot of things about it. We had to orient ourselves to find some clues that we had to solve. They were really interesting guesses and in some of them we had to think really hard!

In our English classes we have made some posters about the world, Spain and the solar system. In the afternoon ones, we have continued preparing our show which we will play tomorrow evening. We are really creative and original in our projects. You will see it!

In the late afternoon, we played hard to win the Olympic Games. Olympic Angels and Death Rockers teams were the winners! But we all had a lot of fun!

The weather is cold but it is not rainy and we are really lucky! If tomorrow it is not worse, we will do the water activities: sailing, pedal boat and kayak. We are looking forward to it!


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