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At present, sport is considered as a cultural and universal phenomenon, and it has evolved from the almost exclusive practice by the aristocratic class, subsequently extending to all social classes.

Based on the traditional view, sport is one of the social activities with the deepest roots and convening power, and it is an essential factor in any educational system, contributing to maintaining health, greater social insertion, promoting solidarity and, at present, it is a determining factor in the life of all individuals, regardless of age.

Sport should not be considered and valued merely as a physical practice or as a way of enjoying free time and leisure time, but also as an educational element which transmits and teaches cultural values, integrating them in the global education of individuals. Educational centres must channel this education so that pupils lead an active and participatory life.

At VALLMONT we are committed to incorporating sport and education in the comprehensive training of our pupils and therefore we offer the Teaching Sport Programme.

Different educational activities are carried out during the different stages, in order to promote and impulse the values that sport provides to pupils, with the presence of people related to this field: former players and coaches, the Sports Director of the Spanish Olympic Committee and national indoor football teams. In order to keep these experiences alive in the school, an area has been created, the Olympic hall of fame, including images, t-shirts, etc., putting a name to people and teams with extensive sporting careers.

Another outstanding initiative is that the Bilingual Vallmont School is an educational centre which collaborates with the Spanish Olympic Committee, which supports pupils who dedicate a lot of time to a certain sporting activity and who need special support by the teachers at our centre.

Vallmont is continually committed to sport as an essential element in the education of your children, our pupils.

At Vallmont we have the best sports facilities, including a salt water heated indoor swimming pool, a lighted seven-a-side football field with artificial grass, an indoor sports hall and outdoor courts for practising team sports.

Furthermore, a wide range of sports disciplines are available to pupils: swimming club and school, beginners football, indoor football and seven-a-side football, basketball, volleyball, taekwondo, fencing, tennis and skating.