English Bilingualism

The Vallmont School was opened in September 2005 and, from the outset, all objectives, strategic plans, lines of action and teaching innovation projects have been focused on the bilinguescomprehensive education of pupils.

The Vallmont School is committed to a bilingual Spanish and English education for the following reasons, among others:

– The need to possess an excellent and fluent command of English in today’s society.

– The requirements of parents who demand the reinforcement of languages in the education of their children so that they acquire the knowledge, command and fluent use of two languages, their maternal language and English. Furthermore, they demand the implementation of the English language in classrooms as a communication and work tool in certain curricular areas.

– Knowledge of foreign languages is increasingly more important and necessary in a world which, due to progressive developments in the technological and computer fields, has led to a society in which communication in other languages opens up enormous possibilities of progress and liberty, as well as contributing to the understanding and respect among different cultures and its speakers.

– Our country, as a member of the European Union and as stated in one of the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy, is committed to promoting knowledge of the community languages. Moreover, The Council of Europe, within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), establishes guidelines in this area and states that the final objective is that pupils are able to progressively achieve different levels of linguistic proficiency.

The Vallmont School is an Official Cambridge Examination Centre..

At the Vallmont School, pupils study French as a second foreign language from the third year of Primary Education to the second year of Bachillerato.

The Vallmont School presented a project for the implementation of bilingual Spanish and English education to the Department of Education on 26 February 2008 and was selected as:

  “A State-Assisted Primary Education Centre in the Community of Madrid”, on 5 September 2008: Link to the BOCM (Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid)

During Secondary Education we are progressively implementing our own bilingual project to follow on from the project in place in Primary Education.

English Department

Pupils at our school receive comprehensive training with a higher number of hours in English than established by the Ministry of Education (every day of the week).

From Infant Education to Bachillerato all pupils count on:

– Native teachers to reinforce what they have learnt once a week.

– Spanish teachers with optimal skills in English and ongoing training.

– English classes and subjects such as Science, Art, Technology and Physical Education in English, and we are contemplating teaching other subjects in this language such as Music.

– Preparation for Cambridge exams.

– English days (the centre’s open day, specific dates: Halloween, St. Patrick, etc.)

– Theatre and musicals in English, the school’s own magazine “Vallmont Times”, etc.

– Specific and additional education in Anglo-Saxon culture and civilization.

The main objective of the Vallmont School is to develop and strengthen knowledge in English, as well as other skills.