Educational Project

VALLMONT is a State-Assisted Private School  offering education targeted at the whole society.Fotos_para_web281 It provides bilingual education at all educational stages, with a realistic educational project based on the needs and characteristics of each pupil. It aims to respond to and satisfy the social needs required in a global world, respecting plurality and existing differences.

It is a non-confessional and ideologically neutral bilingual school; but it accommodates the ideological, religious and social pluralism of pupils and teachers, a reflection of the society in which we live. Therefore, we defend all the principles and values of the Constitution and we fully respect the recognised rights and liberties that it contains and those of applicable law.

Thanks to this partnership project we have created an Educational Community in which the individual, from whom the remaining values, rights and obligations derive, is considered as an absolute value, and society and nature represent the joint and global framework of individual personality. Education is therefore established as a process in permanent expansion, for the development of free and democratic men and women, who integrate in society with a critical and constructive spirit.

Our goals can be summarised by the following fundamental principles:

1.- Regulated education enhanced with continuous and personalised tutor-based monitoring of pupils in order to achieve the maximum development of skills of each pupil. As well as the guidance, support and collaboration of parents in all aspects related to the education of their children.

2.- Development of the values of commitment, responsibility, respect towards others, friendship and commitment to the environment.

3.- Importance of languages The whole of the School’s teaching process involves bilingualism in English, as a form of promoting the knowledge of languages and this is extended to other languages which are of the utmost importance in the current cultural, economic and working world. To do so, we have highly qualified teachers and native teaching assistants who help us to achieve continuous growth in our pupils.

-Bilingual Spanish and English education at Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels.

-Second foreign language, French, from the third year of Primary Education to Bachillerato.

4.- The use of the new technologies and ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) is applied to our educational project, to stimulate and motivate learning. The centre boasts several IT rooms and digital whiteboards in all classrooms at all educational stages. The use of tablets has been incorporated into classes, representing an important innovative teaching method.

5.- Educational Platform for communicating with parents which includes the class content of different subjects for pupils, with notes, videos, recommended Websites and other useful features.

6.- Sports and cultural activities. . We instil an interest for sports as a healthy lifestyle in our pupils.

-Swimming classes from Nursery Education to the end of Compulsory Secondary Education. Indoor swimming pool. Swimming Club ran by Olympic-level teaching staff.

-Teaching Sport Programme, through which, prominent sportsmen from different disciplines visit the School and share their experiences.

-Indoor sports hall.

-Outdoor grass court and seven-a-side football field.

-Outdoor football and basketball court.

-Wide variety of extracurricular activities: dance, violin, theatre, etc.

7.- The Centre is non-confessional, but it teaches the Catholic Religion, respecting the desire of parents, helping pupils to grow as individuals.

We promote the following values and attitudes:

  • Respect and tolerance.
  • Responsibility and commitment.
  • Autonomy and independence.
  • Critical analysis and reflection.
  • Empathy, cooperation and coexistence.
  • Justice and equality.